Saturday, 15 June 2019

Topic: Praise as Part Of Your Life.

Your inward attitude becomes your outward expression.
(Psalm 92:1-2)

#Praise should be your daily route.
#Praising Him continually means you 
don't take His blessings for granted.

Focus your attention on God by Praising Him at all times, 
In every situation Praise Him 
(2 Samuel 22:47)

#When Praising God, Praise Him from your heart.
connect to God through Praise. (Psalm 61:8)

Praise Him in Good and bad times " David Praise God at all times"
Always a reason to Praise God, If no no reason for breath.

(psalm 103: 1-)
What are you Praising God for.
Praise God for forgiving your sins. The prize He payed on the Cross
Praise God for healing your diseases.
Praise God for His secures your Life at all times 
Praise God for His provision in You life.

Motivate the heart of Praising God

What does Praise do. (psalm 145-150)
Praise takes your mind off your 
problems and challenges and focus you on God.

Praise leaves our perspective from earthly to heavenly.
Praise is a way to express our Gratitude to God Almighty.

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